Dear Angry Straight White Male.

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2 dec, 2016

Dear …

Please give it up trying to justify putting a whack job in the white house.
Please stop trying to justify anything, you’ve had the past several centuries and made a fucking mess off it.
Now it’s time for all those minorities that have been abused, neglected, discriminated against and downright killed off to rule the world for a century. Accept the fact that you as majority (white – straight – male) are to blame for all that has happened. Simply because you are.

I know, generations of white male & straight were brought up with all those believes of supremacy and racial differences. They didn’t know any better, they were taught to think, believe, act, even pray the way they did.
You however have learned the differences between being human and treating people equal and being stupid. Yet you choose to keep being stupid. So do you think the people who you have treated so badly, will accept your stupidity, do you? Maybe you couldn’t help yourself but then again you didn’t stop yourself, and you haven’t learned anything.

Didn’t learn anything when the colonies started revolting and asking for respect for their believes, simply respect for who they were and asking to be sovereign. Nah, you just started killing them like they were cattle, not worth listening to what they had to say because well, they were second class citizens and could not tell you how the future would be. You as the “Master” would decide how the future would be. You were wrong then, you lost but didn’t learn anything. So sad.

Didn’t learn the lesson when women demanded equal rights, all the demonstrating, all the public display women gave, it didn’t matter. It was a whim, it would blow over and then the women would go back to the kitchen and raise the kids. All the “old boys” tricks you are still trying to pull to keep the women from having the same equal rights as men. It won’t help you stay in power, you lost to the Women. So sad you don’t see it.

Didn’t learn anything when the so called guests in your country who came to do your dirty work wouldn’t leave, wouldn’t accept your demands after ignoring them for a generation. These immigrants who worked their asses off, did the labor you were to “good for” and “to highly educated” for. They worked in your country, accepted the rude behavior of you and flocked together to have some sort of normality and not go nuts. And you find it weird and strange that their kids are abusive to you, their kids don’t want to be part of this majority you belong to. Gee you really don’t get it do you.

You didn’t learn the lesson when the black men stood up and no longer accepted you portraying them as the perpetrator. Generations served you. They even went along with your stupid game, you owning them, and they could buy freedom. So when they wanted to get paid for the work they were doing the only thing you as white straight male could think of is belittle them. Make them feel like second class citizen. You don’t get it do you.

Didn’t learn the lesson when the Gay (LGBTQ) minority started revolting, all the demonstrating, all the public display. We demonstrated against bullying, being treated as dirt, being treated as illness. I can go on for a while, but the picture is clear, we were discriminated really badly – and still are in a lot of countries and religions. But we are and will be in YOUR FACE for the remainder of time. You know why? Because in the end we are at least in the eyes of the law equal. And don’t even think we are done, cause we’re not. We will keep “being in your face” until you understand that bullying shows us how little of a man you really are, and you need to stop it because you are ashamed, not because you feel pity, and you stop because you understand that what you were taught is wrong. What you were taught is for you to understand and not reproduce, it was taught to you so you could change the future, not repeat the past. We don’t need your pity, we need you to leave us to live our lives.

So listen, white angry straight male. Listen & learn for ones.
You can keep trying to put some angry white straight male in power for as long as you want to. It won’t change who we are and what we stand for. And it doesn’t change what we DEMAND. Whatever you do, you won’t get rid of us, because we are part of the human raise. You can’t exterminate us.

We all have our own way of making you aware that we don’t play your game any longer.
Some of those ways are violent, some are just irritating, but they all say the same thing to you:
Stop trying to be better than any other human being, you are not. Stop trying to tell others they will never be as good as you, the other person doesn’t give a damn and doesn’t need to hear, you are only behaving like a child. Stop trying to have us believe that the more we have the happier we will be – it’s a lie we don’t buy into any longer. And stop being such an angry little white straight scared man. You don’t need to be and we are not asking you to be. We are asking you to open you brain up and understand that another era is upon us where we don’t want to be rich in spite of others. Where we don’t accept wealth that comes from killing or repressing people. That is the old way of thinking, we have evolved.

We accept you for what you are a human being in turmoil, trying to understand the new way of living, but be aware. We no longer accept you trying to bully, repress or hurt another human being.
This shall not happen anymore.

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