Day Against Homophobia

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25 sep, 2017

Het volgende is een facebook bericht geschreven door iemand anders.

“Oh cool, it’s the Day Against Homophobia….”

That scar on my forehead was made with a knife by a homophobic boy in the backyard of my school. When I was a kid, between 11 and 16 years old, I was beaten almost every week at school by my schoolmates. All of these criminals are free today because police didn’t want to proceed at that time since they considered being beaten part of the “education to become a man”.

My family and relatives didn’t collaborate and that’s why I left my city. I grew up in the real Gomorra, the one that you have so much fun watching on TV. It would be cool to say: “Today I will answer with love because only love can win and forgive”. But no. If i could meet my schoolmates again I’d strangle them one by one. Why? Because I’m just a homosexual.

I’m not Jesus. I don’t have to be merciful. The LGBT activists and associations insist that LGBT people should be cute and kind so that the straight society can like us and accept us, that we should be like little defenseless puppies who should resist to violence with patience, that we should turn the other cheek. I don’t agree with what many people say. LGBT people should teach society that we can answer to aggressions. That’s why I tell you: send the fuckin homophobes to the hospital. Make your own gay army. Don’t turn the other cheek. Destroy every person who dares to tell you that you don’t deserve to exist.

I’m sure that the laws of your country support self-defence. You don’t have to succumb to this gay-catholic-political-correctness. You don’t have to be a merciful and forgiving puppy. I support strong action against homophobia because when on the other side they have knives, guns, concentration camps, exorcism and “corrective rape” (Italy, year 2017), you can’t simply answer with flags. Let the homophobic society know: who touches LGBT people will face serious consequences.”

Normaliter staat hier de eigenaar van de tekst.
Echter, die is niet meer terug te vinden. En ik wilde toch echt dit stuk hier plaatsen.
Dus, thank you great unknown person.

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Niet kunnen schrijven….

Niet kunnen schrijven….

Het volgende is een Facebook bericht geschreven door iemand anders. Het geeft een gevoel weer dat ik herken en dus jat...